Explore The Flora And Fauna Of Other Planets With Rosco: Alien Wildlife Photographer

by Hannah Means Shannon


Action Lab have announced a new series for October that not only excels in having a strange premise but also delivers some really fine artwork making the project a win. In hardcover book Rosco: Alien Wildlife Photographer, we follow one guy in his odd job exploring strange, distant planets in search of creatures beyond our imagination.

The format for the book is also interesting, often presenting more like a field guide with handwritten notes and overlapping images and text. Rosco and his “robot buddy” Vincent will guide you through the planet of Grangawa in pursuit of aliens to capture on film.

Action Lab says:

ROSCO is a campy journal about a purple alien’s quest to capture exotic, alien wildlife through the lenses of his camera. No book coming out today explores the crazy antics of alien wildlife photography like ROSCO: ALIEN WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER.

Creator Aaron Humphries comments:

I want my book to spark people’s imagination about all the astonishing places we could explore in the Cosmos and beyond. As a child I loved books that let me explore the possibilities of the universe, either through science or imagination. This book is what I would have adored as a child and bugged my parents to read to me every night.

Action Lab have released a substantial preview of the book to draw you into the adventure:

Rosco: Alien Wildlife Photographer will be available in comic book stores on October 25, 2017. Preorder with Diamond item code

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