Krondon Joins Black Lightning As Tobias Whale

by Erik Amaya

One of Black Lightning’s most impressive foes has been cast for The CW series.

According to TVLine, Marvin Jones III, known in the hip-hop world as Krondon, will join the series as Tobias Whale. The African American albino antagonist was introduced in the first issue of Black Lightning back in 1977. He was the leader of the Metropolis chapter of The 100 gang. He murdered one of Jefferson Pierce’s students; inspiring Jefferson to become Black Lightning. Though depicted as a rotund man, Whale’s great size is said to be mostly composed of muscle. It makes him a formidable hand-to-hand opponent for any of the street level DC heroes.

In the show’s mythology, he will be a local politician who murders Jefferson Pierce’s father Alvin. After his crimes are exposed, he goes underground, eventually becoming the leader of The 100.

Since the first Black Lightning series ended, Whale has made scattered appearances throughout the DCU. He also made a memorable guest turn in an episode of Justice League Unlimited as a mobster turned state’s evidence. In the story, Huntress hoped to kill him, but was talked down via the aid of Green Arrow, Black Canary and The Question. She also discovered Whale was seeking added protection for his own child.

TVLine referred to Jones as “albinistic,” but executive producer Salim Akil spoke toward the actors other similarities to Whale in the decision to cast him.”His authentic street sensibility along with an insightful intelligence is perfect for the Tobias character arc,” Akil said. “Not to mention his regal physical bearing will be additive to making our show exciting and different.”

Despite the use of DC Comics characters, the show will stand apart from the rest of The CW’s Arrowverse. Well, at least for its initial season. Originally pitched as a FOX show, it is easy to see why they intended it to take place off Earth-1. But one imagines it will be a matter of time before Barry Allen makes his way over there and Jefferson learns about an Earth filled with heroes.

Black Lightning comes to the CW in 2018.

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