“Waverly, What Did You Do?” — Let’s Talk About Last Night’s Wynonna Earp

by Erik Amaya


Did this episode vanish for anyone else?

But before we really get to that question, let’s talk about pain. This episode was nothing but torment of the emotional and physical kind. For one: anytime Nicole gets threatened with, well, death, the stakes amp up to eleven. The promise not to kill her or Waverly only extended to the first season, so few threats feel as real or as immediate than when they literally come to Nicole’s doorstep. And this time, as the episode progressed, it felt more and more real. From Nicole attempting to apologize for hiding the test results to the sudden appearance of her estranged wife, things got real fast. So real, in fact, I thought for a moment that this might be it.

And then, of course, the show twist the knife with Waverly’s decision.

Granted, it was the twisting the knife the whole episode with Waverly facing down the impossible choice: give the Clutty Widow the seal or let Nicole die. I know I’d think I’d be as principled as Wynonna on this one — and rarely do those words go together — but I seriously doubt I would’ve resisted the lure of the cure as long as Waverly did. Must be in the blood. Nevertheless, kudos to Dominique Provost-Chalkley for making Waves’ journey so real this hour and making that pain palpable. The outcome couldn’t happen any other way and it’s hard not to think of the consequences she’ll face once the vanishing act ends.

No, really, I’ll come back to that.

First, let’s talk about Greta, the new Iron Witch. Given the opportunity to request anything, I was sure she was going to ask for the baby. The firefighters’ offer to take the baby reinforced the horrible idea that the new heir will be a hot commodity to a number of parties. It seemed logical that the Iron Witch would want in on the ground floor of that enterprise. Instead, she named her prize as the championship trophy housing the wish demon from earlier season. That was surprising in and of itself, but to seemingly wish away Wynonna in German was more of a surprise. While I imagine this aspect of the tale will be wrapped up quickly — it would seemingly reset the placement of the third seal, for one thing — it leads to an intriguing question: if there is more than one Iron Witch, is there more than one Stone Witch? On that same front, are these distinct disciplines of witchcraft based upon ancient levels of technological sophistication? Are their Bronze Witches and Steel Witches? Would that suggest something as strange as a Silicon Witch or am I entering a different show’s territory?

While you ponder that, let’s also consider the quiet strength of Sheriff Nedley. He knew the location of the third seal the whole time and never gave into the other Clutty Widow’s demand for it; even under extreme physical torture. That’s a show of stamina we’ve not seen from Nedley thus far. It’s also key that Wynonna trusted him to protect the seal. That he hid it in a place immediately obvious to an Iron Witch is less encouraging, but Wynonna’s plan was pretty sound until that moment. Especially after seeing how well Nedley guarded the secret from the Widow. He even had some quips worthy of the Heir. I’m glad he made it out of that barn, though, as he certainly seemed as close to death’s hand as Nicole did.

I promise, I’ll get back to the vanishing act.

I still need to talk about Rosita, though. She continues to surprise me with a level of dedication and morality we’ve really never seen in a Revenant. Okay, the one who only really cared about his husband comes close, but Rosita seems to have a next-level reason to help Wynonna out. And it doesn’t seem to originate from the curse, Wyatt or her connections to Doc and Waverly. Hopefully, it’s not about her interest in the baby. I want her to be genuine and I want Wynonna to carry out her promise to Rosita in a tear-filled conclusion to the tale of the seventy-seven Revenants. Also, to be honest, I’ve fallen in love with Tamara Duarte’s presence on the show. That Rosita presents such a mystery is an added bonus.

Another bonus of late is the interaction between Wynonna and Doc. Despite their strained relationship, their shared heart-eyes have never been as prevalent. In particular, the scene outside the barn exuded such a genuine affection despite the crisis, their personal conflicts and Doc’s heel-turn over the ring. Oh, speaking of that, did everybody notice Doc changed his fashion sense every so slightly to reflect his return to mortality? I doubt he’ll ever be completely modern, but that peacoat definitely suggested a greater change in his circumstances than his words ever will.

Well, okay, now that he’s down the well again, he’s back in his 1890s fashions. I’d probably dress the same way if I didn’t live in such a warm climate. But the well is indicative of a more important plot point: Wynonna’s vanished. Not just skipped town, but seemingly erased from existence. As I alluded to earlier, this suggests the ring is back on Doc’s finger. But it also suggests the Widows are stuck as well. As the Iron Witch mentioned, this is punishment for the Earp girls getting the other Iron Witch killed last season. I guess that means Greta is completely unaware of the stakes even as she has some idea of what the Clutty Widows represent. Which can only mean its up to Waverly to conjure Wynonna back from whatever void she’s been taken to. She’ll also have to get Doc out of that well, too. Oh, but what’s all this business about a wedding? Could it be her own?

Wynonna Earp airs Friday on Syfy.

Erik Amaya

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