No Man’s Sky Announces Multi-Player Mode

by Christine Marie Attardo

Big news arrives today for fans of the game No Man’s Sky as the game releases a huge Patch! For those of you who don’t know, No Man’s Sky is an action-adventure survival video game that came out about a year ago. It’s put out by the studio Hello Games for PS4 and PC. The popular game has announced that a multiplayer mode will be incorporated into the game.

According to Game Spot:

Multiplayer was a much-requested feature after No Man’s Sky launched in 2016, and finally you can play with other humans–sort of. You’ll be able to see, communicate, and “explore the universe” with up to 16 other players, but they’ll be represented simply by glowing orbs…

Head on over to their website to see the full Patch update notes.

As for me, I’m always excited when a game incorporates a multiplayer mode. It adds a whole new level of fun!

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