Michael K. Williams’ Han Solo Part Vanishes Due To Scheduling And Reshoots

by Erik Amaya

The Wire alum Michael K. Williams is the latest casualty in the Star Wars spinoff shakeup.

Despite calling his role “out of this world,” Williams told Deadline that his part has been cut from the unnamed Star Wars Han Solo film. But the actor was quick to explain the problem was one of scheduling beyond other considerations. “When Ron Howard got hired to finish out the film, there were some re-shoot issues that needed to be done in regards to my character, in order for it to match the new direction which the producers wanted Ron to carry the film in,” he explained. “And that would have required me on a plane a month ago to London, to Pinewood, to do re-shoots. But I’m here, on location in Africa. It’s scheduling. I’m not going to be back on the market until the end of November after Hap and Leonard, and for them to wait that long for me, that would have pushed back the release date … They wanted me now; I couldn’t go. So they had to clip clip clip.”

The apparent ease with which is character was deleted suggests William’s role was not a large one. He described the character as “half-human and half-animal” and a dream assignment. Though he admitted to being a little disappointed in his deletion from the film, he expects to find another way in the Star Wars galaxy.

The Han Solo spinoff — which somehow still has not been named “Kessel Run: A Star Wars Story” — has been mired in controversy since Lucasfilm fired directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord. Despite the initial excitement with the 21 Jump Street filmmakers, reports surfaced that the company was not impressed by their tone or the level of improvisation on set. They were replaced by Ron Howard, a seasoned director more in line with the tone of Star Wars.

The Han Solo movie is set for release on May 25th, 2018.

Erik Amaya

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