“I Don’t Think That’s Chili.” — Let’s Talk About Wynonna Earp’s Season Finale

by Erik Amaya

Emotions ran high in last night’s season finale of Wynonna Earp. People apologized, other people made new mistakes, and the baby finally arrived. But it’s not all happy endings for the Earp Team as, well, let’s talk about it.

First, let’s get straight on who remembers what from last week’s alternate universe story. Rosita remembers what a demon Doc became without Wynonna. Waverly and Nicole remember they were apart. Dolls remembers killing Doc. Doc remembers everything. Perry even remembers his almost marriage. I may be forgetting a few things people remember, but I wanted to point a few of them out because it further alters the typical use of the alternate universe story. The other world is usually forgotten by the next episode or dimly recalled. Here, it is still influencing things going forward as all the characters have now lived both lives.

Also, we can breath a sigh of relief as both Doc and Dolls survived dying. Well, maybe I should put quotes around “survived.” But like Wynonna, I’d love for everyone to stop dying for a moment.

Well, except the Widows. They could go. In fact, they did. Despite crafting a bullet meant for Clootie out of that damned plate, Wynonna and Doc used it to destroy the widows utterly. It’s a pretty cool scene that exists on a Venn diagram between Mexican standoff, Hail Mary play, and ultimate bluff. The follow-up was watching the Widows turn into maggots before expiring; gross and wonderful all at once. But the celebration was cut short as Wynonna went into labor.

And where else could the baby be born but at Shorty’s. I’ve been there, and it’s definitely a family place.

Elsewhere, Dolls fire-roasted the Order. Which is great since they were a bunch of drips anyway. How can you trust a bunch of dudes in Plague Doctor masks? Also their presumption that they knew what was best for the baby definitely put them on the bad man list. Though, I imagine Dolls’ daily flame ability didn’t barbecue all of the Order. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that we’ll see a crispy Brenden Fehr next year.

Yet further elsewhere still, Bobo — who previously took the Widows to where he buried Clootie — waited for Doc to arrive and had an old-fashion war of words, guns, and powers. Between Wynonna Earp and Dirk Gently, Michael Eklund has become my favorite television vagrant. His verbal barbs hurt just as sharply as the knife he thrust into Doc’s hand. And in the midst of the fight, we learned a little something about Jeremy that may pay off later on … and I don’t mean his crush on Doc.

I mean, who doesn’t have a crush on Doc?

It all worked out more or less and Bobo found himself at the bottom of the well he left Doc in a century ago. Turnabout is fair and all that. But the mention of his master and the reckoning to come is just Bobo trying to scare Doc, right? Of course, now that Doc’s been to Hell, he may know of Bobo’s real master and the weight of his words.

Okay, back to Shorty’s where Wynonna and Waverly cried their eyes out over previous secrets and misunderstandings. Wynonna somehow deduced that Waverly may be Bobo’s daughter and might be half Revenant, but in a key moment, she declared none of those things made her any less of an Earp. Unfortunately, before we had a chance to wipe any tears away, Rosita turned coats, smacked Waves against the pool table, and planned to use the baby as a bargaining chip with the other Revs. As I mentioned a few weeks back, I came to like Rosita and this betrayal was absolutely shocking. But I suppose it’ll make things easier when Wynonna has to send her back to Hell. Also, I imagine the fact she missed the Rev massacre at Shorty’s will come into play at some point.

Oh, did I forget to mention that we learned Clootie’s real name? Meet Bulshar, he’s our season three antagonist. Well, presumably.

So with the baby born, Wynonna and Nicole executed the getaway plan. Once Nicole and Waves ascertained that the baby was not half-Rev, they met up with Perry. He mobilized his resources to spirit the girl out of the Ghost River Triangle and away from the Revs. While it broke Wynonna’s heart to send her away, I kind of hope we don’t see her again for a long time. Babies on supernatural shows have a habit of growing up so darned quick. Also, they definitely need to deal with Bulshar and the curse before we can reunite the Earp/Holiday family. And who doesn’t want to see Wynonna, Doc and Alice Michelle all together in a cozy domestic scene? Well, once Bulshar’s defeated, I mean.

The second season did not end as decisively as the first — and that ended on a cliffhanger! Instead, we’re left with so many leading moments and questions to ponder for the next year. Why did Peacemaker glow blue when Waverly shot at Rosita? I asked creator Emily Andras about that last year when Wynonna shot Willa, but she evaded the question entirely. Maybe next year we’ll find out what it means. As I alluded before, Jeremy’s car accident screams “future plot point.” Then there’s the closing montage. While it seemed all chummy and light, the looks of recognition between Dolls and Nicole regarding Bulshar certainly seemed ominous. And while it’s nice to see Nicole got her divorce, she appeared to be quite ambivalent about it. Or is that Bulshar already exerting his will upon everyone?

And then there’s Mama. We’ve always known her as the first Earp runaway, but now it seems she was always a short driving distance from Purgatory. Was she really always that close? When did she make contact? Or did Wynonna find her at some point? Was that where she went when she was in oblivion? Oh, and how did Mama know about Bulshar? So many questions to mull over the long winter. Nevertheless, I’m glad the show exists to make me ask them.

Wynonna Earp returns in 2018.


Erik Amaya

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