Misty Knight Gets An Upgrade In Luke Cage Season 2 Photo

by Erik Amaya


It’s finally time for television’s Misty Knight (Simone Missick) to embrace her destiny. Well, a certain part of it anyway. And as this Luke Cage Season 2 photo (first posted by Entertainment Weekly) reveals, part of that destiny is a rad looking upgrade.

Luke Cage Season 2 Misty Knight

As Marvel Comics readers, Misty’s right arm is typically a cybernetic appendage. The first season of Luke Cage honored that by having Misty shot in the arm during the final night club shootout. Then, in The Defenders, she really lost her arm in a fight with Bakuto (Ramón Rodríguez)), setting the stage for this fulfillment of a classic Marvel look. It is currently unclear how she comes by the piece of gear or what it can do, but it suggests she’ll be ready to help Luke (Mike Colter) out of whatever mess he finds himself in when Luke Cage returns to Netflix next year.

Erik Amaya

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