Stylish And Friendly London Super Comic Con In Photos

by Hannah Means Shannon

By Koom Kankesan

The LSCC (London Super Comic Con) over the last weekend in August at the Business Design Centre was very enjoyable. Nestled in the tony shopping district of Angel in London, the con was not one of those huge extravaganzas that is impossible to walk through–the Design Centre has a very stylish hall with elegant iron work on its arches and is of a modest size. Consequently, one could take time and see all the stalls.

The emphasis seemed to be on comics rather than cosplay and I felt this gave the event a very nice feel. There were a good number of guests and panels, held in different spaces in the centre, and it was easy to talk to people in an unharried manner.

There were some North Americans and a few people from the UK I recognized or knew, but for the most part, I got to meet a whole slew of wonderful people who were enthusiastic and kind and knowledgeable, and definitely gave me the feeling that the UK comics scene is a warm, friendly place. This con came at the very end of five weeks of traveling–London was the fifth and last city on my trip–and it was a wonderful way to end the journey.

I held interviews with Paul Gravett and David Roach, among others, and felt a happiness and warm glow at the end of the show.

Here’s a look at some photos of the show: