The Royal Family Comes To Earth In Inhumans Ad

by Erik Amaya


In a new ad for the upcoming Marvel TV show, Inhumans, the Royal Family of Attilan make plans to depart for Earth as Maximus’s coup appears successful. Which means a few new moments with Lockjaw! For some, coming to Earth will be a revelation. But for at least one Inhuman, it means a substantial change to their look.

This is the first Inhumans trailer to really make me curious. Even if Medusa’s new hairdo is a cost-saving measure, it suggests a fairly interesting idea if the show really explores what it means to neuter someone like that. Of course, the series has been plagued with so-so reviews, so it could just a cheap out. Nevertheless, I’ll be headed out on Thursday to watch the special IMAX premiere and see for myself if all the misgivings were warranted. I mean, they probably are, but I happened to like X-Men: Apocalypse; a film the critical community panned.

For those not able to see Inhumans on an IMAX screen this weekend, the series debuts September 29th on ABC.

(h/t: The Tracking Board)

Erik Amaya

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