Marvel Praises IMAX In Inhumans Promo

by Erik Amaya

In one last promo before Inhumans premieres on IMAX screens, cast and crew praise the format for what it brings to the series premiere. Which, as always, is an expanded canvas.

Of course, it remains to be seen if the investment in IMAX cameras will pay off the for the series. Like Maximus’s plan, it’s a risky move to highlight a television budget in that expanded canvass. And while IMAX works well for documentaries and the work of Christopher Nolan, television may prove to be a barrier the format cannot break. Which makes this weekend’s presentation of Inhumans all the more interesting. In fact, that might be a more interesting story than the Inhumans debut itself. Will people respond to it well or will they feel cheated? I know I’ll be discovering that truth for myself later tonight.

For those unable to get to an IMAX screen — or (understandably) unwilling to pay the premium — the show debuts on ABC September 29th.

Erik Amaya

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