Deconstructing Comics #564: T-Rex And Cartoon Crossroads Columbus With Stephen Bissette, Tom Spurgeon, Craig Fischer

by Hannah Means Shannon welcomes back the Deconstructing Comics Podcast this week, talking to a number of guests in Columbus, Ohio:

Look who Tim (center) ran into in Columbus: Derf Backderf (My Friend Dahmer, Trashed), Tom Spurgeon (The Comics Reporter), Stephen Bissette (Swamp Thing, Tyrant), and Craig Fischer (English professor and occasional contributor to The Comics Journal)!

Tyrant In this episode, Tim talks to Steve and Craig about their summer research tour that brought them to Columbus and the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, and how it relates to Steve’s revival of his ’90s comics biography of a Tyrannosaurus rex, Tyrant!
Cartoon Crossroads Columbus logo Then Tom talks about the upcoming Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC) event he’s organizing for the Billy Ireland, and the current state of mainstream comics.

As for Derf — that interview is coming later this month!

Listen up below:

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