Fringe’s September To Play Gotham’s Professor Pyg

by Erik Amaya


Professor Pyg is on his way to Gotham.

According to TVLine, actor Michael Cerveris will play Professor Pyg in the fourth season of Gotham.

First introduced in the pages of Batman (Vol.1) #666, he made an immediate impact in the post-apocalyptic nightmare Gotham Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert created in that issue. At the time, Morrison said “We hear a lot about Batman facing crazy villains but we tried to make this guy seem genuinely disturbed and disconnected.” He succeeded in his ambitions and brought the character back to the present day with a Circus of the Strange and an army of Dollotrons; masked and reconfigured victims ready to do his bidding. As one of the most remarkable villains introduced in the last twenty years, he survived into the New 52 continuity and appeared in one of the better sequences in the Batman: Arkham Knight video game.

Cerveris will be familiar to fans of Fringe as the Observer named September. Often appearing in the background of scenes during the show’s first season, September’s interest in the Fringe Division becomes one of the most important elements of the series. His race of Observers end up motivating the show’s final year.

It is unclear when Cerveris will first appear as Pyg, but executive producer Danny Cannon told the site to expect something quite unsettling when he arrives. Considering that Pyg is unsettling under the best of circumstances, I can’t wait to see if Cannon can backup that claim.

Gotham returns September 21st.

Erik Amaya

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