5 Point Discussions: Dragon Ball Super Episode 109

by Sage Ashford

This 5 Point Discussion focuses on Dragon Ball Super Episode #109:

1. The set up for this episode was different from what we’re used to in a Dragon Ball Z fight.  I started this episode complaining about how I wish we’d done a traditional tournament instead of this battle royale, but by the end, this episode had convinced me to change my mind, as it’s something that could have only occurred in the chaotic setting a battle royale provides. The villains this episode took advantage of the destroyed terrain to make the Z Fighters fight their battle, creating a tense atmosphere as a mysterious “sniper” starts knocking out opponents on the battle field. The first to go was the comedy character in the main image, but eventually the sniper started attacking Gohan and Piccolo, and eventually Goku, Vegeta, and Tien as well.

Where we normally get opponents just trying to fight-head on to win battles, this time our heroes had to really use their smarts and take chances—and not everyone was able to finish this fight as a member of the tournament. Very cool. It’s also pretty funny seeing Vegeta whine about these tactics, like the literal fate of everyone’s universe isn’t at stake.  Seriously, with that much at stake, I wouldn’t even be mad if someone managed to James Woods every other enemy off the edge of the platform. At this point, it’s about going home to your family…and making sure you still have a family…rather than trying to prove your dominance in battle.

2. As Gohan and Piccolo tried to deduce how the sniper’s abilities worked, Piccolo managed to get his arms shot off not once but twice. Once by simply moving to cover, then another time when he defended Gohan from an attack.  A couple things: If there’s any doubt that Piccolo is Gohan’s real dad, they should’ve gone out the window with this episode. The only thing Goku ever did for Gohan was tell him to go get the snot kicked out of him by Cell, because he “believed in him”, while Piccolo immediately realized what a stupid idea that was.

Also, it’s pretty cool that the series has remembered Piccolo’s Regeneration, and also that engaging it requires quite a bit of stamina. But it’s about at this point I start to wonder about the fighters left on Universe 7’s side. Goku and Vegeta seem fine, Frieza’s likely completely undamaged, and the Androids don’t ever lose stamina. But Roshi looks done and Piccolo had to regenerate not once, but twice—the second time he lost both arms, too—so I’m starting to wonder who’s going to pop up and clean out the trash.

There’s still way too many people remaining, so this has to happen eventually. Having said that: is Piccolo’s body just weaker than everyone else’s? When the sniper’s attack hit Dr. Rota, he went flat unconscious. It did the same thing to Tien—why’s it knocking limbs off of Piccolo, unless his regeneration is to make up for his body being much more malleable and easily damaged than other people’s?

3. Disappointing as it was, I knew when my boy Tien came up in last week’s preview he was a goner. His loss barely made sense, though! The Z Fighters eventually figured out that the “sniper” was actually two people—one guy making the shot, and the other reflecting it to hit multiple areas at once.  While Goku and Vegeta used team work to distract one reflecting, Tien activated his Multi-Form and started running after the actual sniper. But the Multi-Form was just a weird technique to use here. Unlike most anime, using the Multi-Form actually splits your strength and speed up, so rather than ensuring at least one person made it to the sniper, all he really did was slow himself down.  Would’ve been much faster not splitting up.  That’s not even the worst part, though!

After tracking down the sniper, Tien hits him with his Tri-Beam, severely damaging him before finally getting close.  At the last moment, Tien “lets his guard down” and the sniper attacks the ground, causing it to crumble and Tien to fall. While the villain gloats, we suddenly see Tien’s other clones (which woke back up after being attacked) grab him and jump off the edge. Instead of, y’know…just kicking the guy off the edge and letting him fall solo. Is it because Tien wasn’t sure of the rules and if one of his clones fell off he thought he’d be disqualified too?  Why not just absorb that fourth clone while it’s falling and go back to the tournament?  I don’t mind him getting eliminated, but like this it’s a puzzling choice.

4. Either way, with Tien being the second person eliminated, we come closer to confirming the theory about the End Credits. If you haven’t heard it, there’s a theory that the order our Z Fighters are shown at the end is how the team will be eliminated. If that’s true, prepare to see a lot (more) angry DBZ fans, because Vegeta’s next up on the list. As a recovering Vegeta fan, I’m used to him being treated like trash, and at this point just hope he at least gets a couple cool moments.

5. Next Episode: Universe 6 gets back into it with Universe 7!  Frost and Magetta team up to try and take out the remaining Z Fighters. The preview also hints at Master Roshi using the Evil Containment Wave again, but there’s literally zero percent chance that thing actually eliminates Frost instead of him just knocking the old man out.  Frost is not leaving this tournament without there being a pay-off to him and Frieza meeting at the start of the battle, either…so can a probability dip below zero?  On the bright side, if Roshi’s eliminated next, the ED theory is finally disproven and Vegeta fans can relax.

Well, that’s it for this episode of Dragon Ball Super!  See you guys next week!