Scarecrow Brings The Fear To Gotham In New Season Four Teaser

by Erik Amaya


In a recently released preview of the upcoming fourth season, Scarecrow makes himself known around Gotham even as the usual players get into position for a dramatic reveal.

Considering that fear is key to the Batman’s persona, it’s no accident that Bruce would begin his crimefighting career just as the fully-formed Scarecrow comes to town. Well, not accident in the remixed timeline of Gotham, where the villains all came into existence before he did. While the concept seemed strange and even off-putting in earlier seasons, the show managed to make the characters compelling enough while Bruce Wane (David Mazouz) grew into his destiny. Of course, it remains to be seen if the series will quickly give him the missing image to complete his identity.

Gotham returns September 21st on FOX.

(h/t: Entertainment Weekly)

Erik Amaya

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