Colton Haynes Claims Roy Harper Will “Soon” Return To Arrow

by Erik Amaya


Roy Harper may soon stage a return to Star City in the sixth season of The CW’s Arrow.

Colton Haynes, who portrayed Roy in a recurring role during the first season and as a regular in seasons two and three, made a big splash recently when he returned to MTV’s Teen Wolf. But early Sunday, a fan expressed her wish via Twitter to see Roy again . Haynes gave her a surprise reply:

Of course, one has to wonder how soon is “soon.”

Haynes left the show at the conclusion of his original contract, which dovetailed with the show’s plans to give Thea Queen (Willa Holland) the costumed identity of Speedy. In the storyline, he was unmasked as The Arrow and seemingly killed. But Thea soon learned that he was alive in Hub City. After a brief reunion, he handed her his Arsenal costume, which she adapted for her own persona.

Roy briefly reappeared in Star City during season four when the Calculator blackmailed him into stealing high tech components from various companies, but sat out the entirety of season five. Haynes, however, did appear as Roy during Oliver’s hallucination in the 100th episode of Arrow.

It is unclear what will draw Roy back to town this time, but one can expect him to bust out some ineffectual parkour. Maybe he’ll also adopt his comic book counterpart’s love of baseball caps.

Arrow returns October 12th on The CW.

(h/t: TVLine)

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