Director Patty Jenkins Confirmed For Wonder Woman 2 Return

by Erik Amaya


Patty Jenkins will return to direct the Wonder Woman sequel.

Though news of Jenkins’ probable return broke last month, the deal was not closed until this week, according to Variety. Of course, it’s not surprising that Jenkins would return for the sequel. Her work on Wonder Woman was key to its success in breaking the established tone of the so-called DC Extended Universe. It is said subsequent films in the DCEU series will strive for more of its qualities while Wonder Bros. Pictures sets up an “Elseworlds” style banner for out-of-continuity projects like its Joker Origins project.

On the business side of the deal, Jenkins is said to have obtained a salary parity with any male director returning to a franchise after a critical and financial success the size of Wonder Woman. According to Variety, the film made $409 million at the domestically and $813 million worldwide. Directors with hits of that degree are known to earn around $10 million for a return engagement.

Which is interesting when you recall that Jenkins was not the studios’ first choice for the film. Breaking Bad executive producer and Game of Thrones veteran Michelle MacLaren was initially hired to helm the film, but parted with Warner Bros. over “creative differences.” Jenkins soon stepped in. When she was hired, some noted her reportedly $1 million contract was for one film, indicating a lack of confidence in Wonder Woman as a concept.

As I’ve said before, the fact Wonder Woman is one of a handful of comics to be published continuously for some 75 years is an easily dismissed metric and the notion of a female-led superhero film would continue to be thought of as “unproven.” But that false wisdom put Jenkins into a position to negotiate for a fee commensurate with what she deserves.

In July the director has mentioned some potential storylines for the sequel, including Diana’s first trip to the United States.

Wonder Woman 2 comes to theaters on December 13th, 2019.

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