Stephen Amell Avoids Arrow Season Six Voiceover Trouble

by Erik Amaya


Though we’re only a few weeks from the return of Arrow, the attempt to maintain secrecy in regards to last year’s cliffhanger remains in effect.

TVLine reports that matter of secrecy prevented star Stephen Amell from reciting the season six opening narration to fans at the Heroes & Villains FanFest in New Jersey earlier today. “Doing the intro is probably the biggest spoiler that I could possibly drop about the show,” he explained. “I would get in so much trouble.”

I suppose everything after “My name is Oliver Queen” is up for a rewrite this year. The show has finally moved away from his “five years in hell,” but what of the last five years? Will Oliver mention that? How does one even sum up the last few years in a sentence or two? And while I’m thinking about it, will he stop referring to his alter ego as “someone else … some. thing. else?” That would be a big shift in the story, but not exactly a spoiler.

So there must be something about the people lost on Lian Yu. I wonder who it could be?

Whatever happened on the island, it will have a net positive effect on Ollie. Amell said he gets to smile more in the first few episodes of the year and that is nice to “not be a stick in the mud all the time.”

Arrow returns October 12th on The CW.

Erik Amaya

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