Gotham Dark Band Trailer Reveals More Scarecrow And Proto-Batman

by Erik Amaya

FOX released what it cheekily refers to as a “Dark Band” trailer for the fourth season of Gotham. It’s an extended version of their Comic-Con sizzle reel with much of the season three footage remaining largely the same. But when the action moves to the new season, we’re treated to more Scarecrow and young Master Bruce as he continues his journey to becoming the Batman. Oh, also, Lucius Fox makes him a suit for rock climbing.

As I’ve said before, Gotham was a hard sell for me. But I’m definitely looking forward to the new season as the characters get closer to the familiar Batman status quo. I also can’t wait to see what other deep pulls they can make from the DC Comics canon. Fun fact: original Green Lantern Alan Scott also operated in Gotham City. Not that he’s associated with that town very often. Or associated with the Green Lanterns. Or doing much of anything these days. You’d think one of these shows would actually scoop him up and revive him somehow. I know my grandfather, an Alan Scott fan in his youth, would love to see that.

Gotham returns Thursday on FOX.

Erik Amaya

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