5 Point Discussions – Dragon Ball Super Episode #106

by Sage Ashford

Alright, we’re back with another episode of Dragon Ball Super in 5 Point Discussions. Last week the series went on break, so I tried to bring this Discussion as quickly as possible. Remember to share this on Facebook and RT it on Twitter, and hit me up @SageShinigami if you have any comments or suggestions!

1. We open the episode with a quick headcount. After ten episodes of fierce battles, we are down to less than half of the original 80 members in the tournament. Six in Universe 2, Seven in Universe 3, Four in Universe 4 (ironically), Eight in Universes 6 and 7, and finally 3 in Universe 11.   By the end of this episode, only thirty-three fighters remain, so things are winding down fairly quickly. To my surprise, this has actually been quite the straight-forward tournament—several new and old characters got to display their abilities and were all eliminated based on their own skills.

It’s my hope that this tournament ends as straight forward as possible: a final four from four different universes. If I had to guess, I would say Goku, Universe 6’s walking Macguffin Hit, Universe 11’s Jiren, and probably one of the hidden warriors from Universe 4. And as the numbers dwindle, that scenario becomes more and more likely as we actually know most of the remaining fighters.  Still, I’m not discounting the possibility of some “chaos” between now and that point.

2. The big showdown of the episode is when Frost decides to make good on a promise he made to Ciampa about destroying Universe 7. But…since Frost’s a weakling, the first person he goes after is Master Roshi in an attempt to pick off the weakest member still on the team.  Of course, Roshi has a trump card: The “Evil Containment Wave”.

…But it’s an anime, so a trump card like that only works once. Roshi basically misses and fails to imprison Frost—lest Roshi basically be more useful than Goku or Vegeta—and Frost then convinces Roshi to use the technique a second time while he’s in the middle of battling Vegeta with the help of Magetta, the robot with the self-esteem issues of an insecure teenager. This leads to the two most irritating parts of the episode in rapid succession: Frost blocking the Evil Containment Wave, then somehow re-directing it to Vegeta. There are tropes you love, and tropes you hate, and the trope I can’t stand is when the most powerful/creative moves in a series are One Use Only. Roshi manages to save Vegeta, but this really shouldn’t have been an issue to begin with.

3. Every week between Sunday and Monday, I get a text from a friend that simply reads: “I hate Goku”.  It’s been happening since the tournament started. Normally I just laugh and brush it off—not ‘cause I’m such a huge Goku fan, but just because I expect Goku to do something stupid every episode.

But this one kind of took it over the top. As Roshi got himself in real danger fighting against Frost (and didn’t do a bad job trying to fight him, which makes me wonder what has happened to the power scaling in Dragon Ball), Goku notices and immediately tries to rush over—only to be stopped by Universe 2’s Ribrianne. He looks pissed, so in my head I’m thinking he’s going to go Blue—blow her away, and immediately help his teacher.

Twenty minutes later…sike, Goku doesn’t care THAT much about Roshi. I mean, he saved him once, isn’t that enough?  I mean, Roshi should’ve listened to Spider-Man, right? Everybody gets one.  Instead of seeing him struggling in Super Saiyan Blue, he’s still in base form screwing around.  I know there’s still thirty minutes left in the tournament, but that doesn’t mean you risk letting Vegeta, a guy with no connection to Roshi at all, save a guy who’s meant the world to you.

4. With this week’s elimination, the End Theme Theory is finally proven false. As mentioned before, the order the characters were appear in the end credits was meant to indicate the order in which people thought Universe 7 would be eliminated: Krillin, Tien, Vegeta, Android 17 then 18, Piccolo, Roshi, Frieza, then finally Gohan and Goku. That would’ve meant Vegeta would go out way earlier than expected, which I just assumed meant he underestimated someone and got tossed out on accident.

Fortunately, the writers aren’t being that disrespectful of the most well-developed characters on the show. In that case, my current guess for who gets eliminated next is either Gohan (more on that later) or Piccolo, preferably in a showdown against one or both of the Namekians from Universe 6. They haven’t really been seen very much, but if Piccolo doesn’t prove himself the Best Namekian I’m not even sure what we’re doing here.

5. Next Episode: Frost and Frieza reveal themselves to have been working together this entire time! Now, they turn on Gohan? As battles between others heat up, it’s on Gohan to take on both of these opponents at once!  Will he be able to defeat them both?  Find out on the next episode of…Dragon Ball Super!

Preview BS aside, let’s get serious: the ultimate redemption arc for Gohan is if he manages to take down Frieza. Screw Frost, dude’s barely worth Super Saiyan Goku. But Golden Frieza by all accounts is a match for Super Saiyan Blue, and Frieza wrecked Gohan during Resurrection of F.    If Gohan is really going to prove how much he’s grown, then he’s going to have to take these two down.

….But since we have spoilers (DON’T READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW): in the next episode or so something “unexpected” happens that causes Goku to reach some strange version of Super Saiyan and go wild. I’m betting it’s having his son beaten down.  Maybe even eliminated through Frieza’s treachery? We’ll see!

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