Nerfighters Unite! Hank Green Is Joining The Publishing World With His Brother

by Christine Marie Attardo

Fancy yourself a resident of Nerdfighteria? Well, your dreams are about to come true as the other Green brother, Hank, joins John in a publishing adventure. No, they won’t be co-writing a book together. Hank will be writing his very own novel! Apparently he’s been quietly writing fiction on the side for the last six years! The passion project? It’s called “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.”

The New York Times explained:

Dutton, a Penguin Random House imprint, acquired the novel last month, as part of a two book deal. “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing,” which Mr. Green says has vulgar language and adult themes, is written for adults. (John Green’s young adult novels are published by Dutton Books for Young Readers.)

(Read the full story here.)

I am a huge fan of John Green’s novels and the overall fandom that the “Vlog Brothers” have created. I think if Hank Green wants to write novels too…bring it on! The more great writing the better. It must run in the family, right?