Programming With Potatoes! A Kickstarter Card Game With Computer Concepts

by Christine Marie Attardo

Do you find yourself a lonely tech nerd? Don’t you worry another minute. A game is being released that will bring a new level of fun to your programming interests. It’s called, Potato Pirates! The upcoming release teaches anyone ages 6 & up, programming concepts without a computer! Look how cute they are…

Here are a few details about the game:

Potato Pirates combines potatoes, programming, and piracy into a carbo-loaded card game perfect for the classroom, family day, or even game night with friends…There are 7 Potato King cards hidden at random in the deck. Be the first to collect all 7 Potato King cards by roasting, mashing and frying other potato pirates. Power up your attacks with programming concepts such as loops and conditionals. Alternatively, eliminate all enemies and be the last Potato Pirate sailing to win the game.

While this may be out of my wheelhouse, I find the concept amusing and fun! I definitely know a few people that would give this game a try. To browse the full list of packages and what you get, head on over to their Kickstarter!