#ShareTheForce With Target And Funko’s Exclusive POP! This October

by Christine Marie Attardo

Yesterday, an unexpected package arrived with the headline #ShareTheForce. I ripped it open to reveal red and white stuffing.

Eager to see what was inside, I dug in! What I found was a very COOL looking Stormtrooper in Target fashion. In an effort to promote their improved REDcard, Target is joining with the Force to bring us something special.

Here’s what Target has to say:

The Funko POP! Red Classic Stormtrooper vinyl bobble-head will be available for purchase on Target.com by REDcard holders only beginning October 1, 2017.

Here’s what they look like!

Pretty cool, huh? I’m ready to #SharetheForce and you should too! Thank you Funko! Thank you Target!

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