BCC ’17 – The Pick Of The Funko Pops!

by Hannah Means Shannon

Russell Shannon writes from Baltimore Comic-Con 2017:

Baltimore Comic-Con turned out to be a great show for hunting for Funko Pops to grow your collection, possibly because a number of comic shops retailers were represented at the show, bringing their stock with them.

There was a wide array of regular and exclusive vinyl Pops to fit any budget, and if, like me, you weren’t looking to spend a significant amount of money, but had a little disposable income available, these might have been your picks. They were mine.

First up, this Jimi Hendrix FYE exclusive goes great with any music Pop collection. This one was the priciest of the group, but having seen him once previously and regretting missing out, I was determined to add him to my collection.

BB9E, part of the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi film release first wave, which debuted on Force Friday, is not exactly difficult to find, but not exactly easy to find either. I mistakenly thought I’d be able to pick him up in most shops, then found he was always the one missing from the shelf. Seeing him available at the show, and being able to pay normal price for him, meant he was coming home with me.

Like BB9E, this Chewbacca was part of the Force Friday release list for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but he wasn’t one which I found at my local FYE as an exclusive that day, and a flocked Chewbacca is hard to resist. Particularly when he has a little Porg in tow.

Lastly, once I didn’t expect to see at all, since I wasn’t aware of its existence–a Looney Tunes Gossamer. A favorite character of mine, and bright red vinyl, too, at a nominal price was too much to resist.

Those were my pick of the Pops at Baltimore Comic-Con. But I’m already looking ahead to the NYCC ’17 exclusives, too.

Photo credits to Russell Shannon.

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