EuropaCorp To Adapt American Flagg! For Television

by Erik Amaya


According to Deadline, Howard Chaykin’s American Flagg! has been optioned by EuropaCorp’s television arm with an aim to bring the satirical look at the future of America to television.

Initially published by First Comics in 1983, the series centered on Reuben Flagg, a former comedian and television star turned Ranger for a corporate and government consortium known as the Plex. Once assigned to the Chicago Plexmall, he begins to see his views of the United States may not align with the reality the remaining corporate entities put in place.

Somehow, he still gets a happy ending of sorts as Flagg eventually defeats his foes, gains control of a pirate television station known Q-USA and manages to get Illinois out of the Union for a time.

Though mainly meant as a laugh, the series was quite prescient in its vision of 21st Century America. Which makes me wonder if anyone will laugh at things that are now all too familiar now. Once upon a time, events in American Flagg! where considers outrageously impossible and comical. Now, they’re Harvey Levin’s talking points on TMZ Live every night. Deadline notes EuropaCorp is looking for writers to shepherd the development process. Maybe they should just hire a reality TV producer.

I kid, of course. There might still a way to treat this material as fiction.

Erik Amaya

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