Supergirl Adds Legionarie Saturn Girl For Season Three

by Erik Amaya


Long live the Legion!

Variety reports Bollywood star and model Amy Jackson will play Imra Ardeen — aka Saturn Girl — in upcoming episodes of Supergirl; seemingly ending speculation (on my part at least) that the Legion of Superheroes would make their presence known in the third season of The CW series. Saturn Girl is one of the three founding members of the Legion and one of the initial members of the team tasked with recruiting Superboy way back in Adventure Comics #247.

Since those humble days when the 30th Century superpowered team inducted Clark as a member of their “superheroes club,” the Legion grew to encompass hundreds of members and thousands of pages worth of stories. The Legion also grew up with their readers, embracing their twenties, marriages and parenthood while still confronting mortal threats to their galactic federation and even time itself.

Of course, the description of the character leaves out the time travel aspect, describing her as “a kind, strong-willed hero who uses her telekinetic powers to help those in need.” They also mention she was born on Titan, the moon of Saturn, but lack to mention when she was born or that Titan is a home of telepathic humans 1000 years in the future. But that will no doubt come to light as more Legionnaires appear on the series. Maybe Brainiac 5 will be one of them. Not that I’m trying to get a particular pairing, mind.

Supergirl returns October 9th on The CW.

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