Top Cow’s Samaritan And Eden’s Fall Are Collected As The Tithe Vol. 3 This Week

by Hannah Means Shannon

This week sees the dawn of a new collection that brings two storylines together within the Edenverse from Top Cow. Both the miniseries Samaritan and Eden’s Fall are in shops today as The Tithe  Volume 3.

Written by Matt Hawkins, with art and cover by Atilio Rojo, in this story, the Samaritan goes underground after the events of Eden’s Fall. When a new president takes the stage, she comes back to take him down by targeting his biggest ally–a major military contractor. To take down a company so powerful, you need to steal their research and give it away freely. But she has to survive long enough to make that a reality.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find in The Tithe: Volume 3 this week:

The Tithe,Volume 3: Samaritan is currently available from Top Cow.