Blink And Polaris Highlight Their Powers In The First Six Minutes Of The Gifted

by Erik Amaya


In a world without the X-Men, recognizable characters like Blink (Jamie Chung) and Polaris (Emma Dumont) must fend for themselves. But as the first six-minutes of The Gifted reveal, mutants will still band together and use their powers no matter what.

Unfortunately for Polaris, the lack of formalized X-Men training means both she and Marcos (Sean Teale) couldn’t pull of the extraction properly. I wonder if she knew she could use her gravity powers to help Marcos into the truck? At the same time, her power is visualized in a pretty cool way. Blink’s teleportation also looked great. But it will take more than impressive visuals to make these ersatz X-Men a hit on television.

The series follows the Strucker family as they attempt to save their children from a government hostile to Marvel’s Merry Mutants. Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker star as parents choosing to go on the run and find an underground of mutants and sympathizers. But that underground is not Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Children nor its paramilitary off-shoot, the X-Men. Both seemingly no longer exist.

The Gifted debuts October 2nd on FOX.

Erik Amaya

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