Danny Glover Joins Locke & Key; Tyler Locke Cast

by Erik Amaya


The Locke Family is finally assembled.

Deadline reports that newcomer Jack Mulhern will play Tyler Locke in Hulu’s pilot of Locke & Key. Based on the IDW comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, the pilot sees Mulhern’s Tyler and the rest of the Locke Family moving to a Massachusetts town following the death of his father. Soon, Tyler’s younger brother Bode (Jackson Robert Scott) discovers their new home contains magical doorways unlocked with equally magical keys. The rest of the family includes mother Nina (Frances O’Connor), sister Kinsey (Megan Charpentier) and uncle Duncan (Nate Corddry).

While all the living members of the Locke family have been cast, deceased father Rendell may also end up a character via flashbacks if the pilot goes to series. Antagonist Dodge also remains uncast.

But one member of the extended cast has been found. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Danny Glover will join the pilot as Matheson Academy English teacher Joe Ridgeway. The character is described as “eccentric,” which is a job requirement for English teachers.

Should Hulu pick up the series, Lost veteran Carlton Cuse will executive produce the series. This is the second attempt at a Locke & Key television series following a 2010 pilot for FOX. The network ultimately passed.

Erik Amaya

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