5 Point Discussions – Boruto: Next Generations Episode 26: “The Mizukage’s Successor”

by Sage Ashford


And we’re back for 5 Point Discussions with another episode of Boruto: Next Generations. The kids have run into some serious trouble on their field trip! If you like this, please be sure to share it on Facebook, RT it on Twitter. If you have any comments, hit me up on @SageShinigami on Twitter.

1. So much of this episode is about about redemption. The new Mizukage gives this long speech to the visiting students that could’ve been broken down into a single “Let’s all get along.” Kagura, next in line to be the Mizukage, is embarrassed by the history of the Hidden Mist Village and wants to redeem their name, even though he wasn’t around for that part of their past.   Still, this could have fallen flat if not for Iwabe mentioning that his grandfather was killed in a battle with a ninja from the Hidden Mist. He makes the point that what Kagura wants to paint as history isn’t just that, when there are some people–some families–that are still dealing with the consequences of the actions of the “Blood Mist Village”. Though Iwabe’s being full of too much indignant rage almost feels like the status quo at this point, this time it’s both understandable and gives some context to their past in a way that you just couldn’t have unless you’d seen the start of Naruto and their battles with Zabuza and Haku.

2. At this point, I feel like everyone should be nervous about Mitsuki. A transfer student from the Hidden Sound Village, the only thing I can remember about that town is that Kabuto came from there, and was a manipulative, backstabbing jerk. Here, Mitsuki is showing himself to have encyclopedic knowledge about the inner workings of the Hidden Mist–and we still haven’t figured out who he’s talking to with his snakes. But of course, they’re all a bunch of kids so everyone just automatically thinks the best of everyone else.  Of course that will go great later on!

3. Boruto is such a level-up over his father at this age, it’s almost comical. This week’s episode features a brief sparring session between several Hidden Mist members, all of them working on water. Walking on water requires a fair deal greater amount of chakra control than walking up walls, since the tension of the water is constantly shifting. It took Naruto quite some time to learn this technique…but Boruto just kind of steps out onto water like it’s nothing.

That’s probably why we end up with Boruto fighting the next-in-line to lead the Mist Village.  If he’s that impressive, he needs to be facing more impressive opponents. He barely lasts a few seconds, but that makes sense, given it’s a sword fight and Kagura is a master swordsman while Boruto is barely even a sword user.

4. While covering episode 25 I said that if someone wanted to cause an incident they’d just kidnap Boruto. Well, the villains here are too stupid to do that, so they kidnap Denki instead and command Boruto and the others to meet them somewhere else…apparently just to beat the crap out of the son of the Seventh Hokage? This feels a little nonsensical, but the people who did it are just henchmen so presumably their boss has a much better plan.

5. Next Episode: With Denki kidnapped, the boys try to rescue him from some delinquent Hidden Mist kids without letting the adults know so the field trip won’t get canceled.  Fortunately, they have Kagura on their side?

It’s the most relatably childish thing ever to try and solve a serious problem so the adults don’t stop your fun, so even though I think what they’re doing is stupid, I totally understand it. This series can get a little light on action, so it’s good they’re coming back around to what looks like will be an episode packed mostly with fight scenes instead of more exposition. Development is nice, but we watch shonen series to see people get punched in the face as well.

Boruto: Next Generations is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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