Jill Scott Joins Black Lightning As Lady Eve

by Erik Amaya



A Black Lightning conspiracy begins to emerge.

While Black Lightning’s (Cress Williams) initial opponent will be his classic nemesis Tobias Whale (Marvin “Krodon” Jones III), it appears Whale will answer to a higher authority. As Entertainment Weekly reports, Grammy Award-winning singer Jill Scott will play Lady Eve on the upcoming CW series. The character, first introduced in a 1985 issues of Batman and the Outsiders, has strong ties to DC Comics’ recurring Kobra Cult: a shadowy yet colorfully-costumed organization bent on bringing about the Age of Chaos.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Lady Eve will act as a “bridge” between Whale and “a secret group of corrupt leaders.” She will also face off against Black Lighting directly. Now, it could just be a larger version of Whale’s gang, The 100, or it could be the secretive cult. The latter definitely fits in with the overall vibe of CW superhero shows. It also offers Black Lighting a very distinct organization to fight. Even if some people will wonder why the character is fighting G.I. Joe‘s Cobra.

Black Lightning debuts on The CW in 2018.

Erik Amaya

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