Go Go Power Rangers #4 Is So Much More Than Teenagers With Attitude

by James Ferguson

A new monster terrorizes Angel Grove as the Power Rangers are stuck as civilians. Some of them manage to break off to transform, but Jason is unable to do so, leaving the rest of the team in the field without their leader. Fortunately, Zack slides smoothly into the role, taking charge and leading an all out assault on Rita’s latest diversion known as Flog. This isn’t the full extent of Rita’s plan though…

One aspect of both Go Go Power Ranagers and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that has really enhanced the reading experience has been how seriously the creators are taking the franchise. That’s definitely the case here as writer Ryan Parrott treats Rita as a real villain, not a silly joke as she was in the TV show. She’s diabolical and a real danger, putting her up there as a true nemesis to the Rangers in the same way as other evil-doers like Brainiac or the Red Skull.

Her true intentions aren’t revealed until the final page so I won’t spoil them here, however they hit pretty close to home for the Power Rangers. It’s a definite jaw-dropping moment that’s made even better by Dan Mora’s artwork. The reveal is a full page spread that is dripping with evil and terror. It also reframes the Putties as some sort of dark force, like an alien horde of zombies. Raul Angulo’s colors round out the shot, using shadow and darkness to set the mood just right, while highlighting strange red orbs that appear in the crowd. It’s a perfect cliffhanger ending.

This isn’t the only impressive full-page spread in this issue. There is an absolutely amazing shot of the Megazord forming that I really hope Boom! Studios turns into a print Mora captures each of the Zords in mid-transformation, showing various pieces moving and changing around the top and sides of the image, with each Ranger sitting at the helm of their vehicle and their symbol emblazoned nearby. In the center of the shot is the fully-formed Megazord, ready to finish off Rita’s monster. It is exquisitely detailed and something that will please any Power Rangers fan.

As with Rita, the monster appears far more scary than the usual foes that would pop up in the TV show. Flog is an armored beast, covered in plates and spikes. Many deadly tendrils whip out from his body, wrapping around the Zords and tossing them like they were toys. It’s like an unholy offspring of an armadillo and an octopus.

Although a large chunk of the issue is dedicated to an awesome Megazord battle, Parrott still finds time to push some character development with every single Ranger. They all get a moment to shine. One of my favorite moments is when Billy dives into the wreckage to search for survivors only to find Skull, who had mercilessly bullied him only a day or two before. He’s forced to come to terms with the idea that he just saved this guy who lives to torment him. That’s the right thing to do, but it doesn’t feel that way. Billy is in a position of power and he could put Skull in his place once and for all. The fact that he restrains himself shows the kind of hero he is and must be as a Power Ranger.

Go Go Power Rangers dives deeper into the reasoning as to why each of these kids were chosen to fight evil and protect Angel Grove and the world. They’re much more than just five teenagers with attitude. Each of them have heart and bravery and more importantly, when they’re together, they’re strongest of all.

I realize that there are times in this review that it might sound like I’m bashing the original TV show. That’s not the case. I have a deep love for the franchise, however I think we can all recognize that there were some limitations to the show at times. These comics build on that, delivering so much more than just nostalgia. This is a modern day interpretation of the series that has only increased my admiration for the Power Rangers. They’re must reads for any fans.

Go Go Power Rangers #4 is currently available from your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.