5 Point Discussions – Dragon Ball Super Episode 112

by Sage Ashford

Universe 6’s Cabba has his back against the wall when he goes up against the powerful Universe 4 warrior, Monna!  Will she win out, or will Cabba’s Saiyan Pride show him the way to victory?!  Remember, if you like this 5 Point Discussions article please share it on Facebook and Twitter, and if you have any comments or questions hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. I feel like for the past month or so one of the purposes of this column has been to describe how Goku is trash. I’m not doing that on purpose, I just keep seeing parts where he acts like an idiot and I can’t help pointing it out. This episode, Goku continues watching the meditating Jiren instead of going somewhere to hide. It was one thing when he was watching Jiren battle it out with Hit–the argument could be made then that he was watching Jiren fight and strategizing regarding Jiren’s “unstoppable” fight style. But Hit got eliminated last episode, so now he’s just watching a dude float in the air while a ki wall surrounds him–that’s not pertinent at all when he should’ve been somewhere hiding to get his energy back. So when he gets triple-teamed by the robots from Universe 3, it’s hard to feel bad for him. For a battling genius he’s played fast and loose with this tournament, while everyone else seems to be treating it as a fight for their lives.

2. They didn’t tell us about it, but clearly Cabba swapped places with Gohan as the most useless Saiyan on the show. Gohan’s slowly but surely been climbing his way back to relevance–making use of the fact that he was once a powerhouse in the DBZ universe to eliminate the last fighter in one universe, and now battling alongside Piccolo to help take out the Nameks of Universe 6. He even went toe to toe with Frieza for a short while a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Cabba’s immediately recognized his status as the weakest part of Universe 6 now that they’re down to only five members. He gets into it with Universe 4’s Monna, a woman capable of increasing her mass several times over and turning into a giant-sized bowling ball (with great power steering). He tries Super Saiyan against her but to no avail, and it’s only when Monna threatens to attack his teacher Vegeta that he taps into his rage and transforms into a Super Saiyan 2 to eliminate Monna entirely. Note: his teammate Caulifa achieved Super Saiyan 2 just from being told it existed, while Kale has a berserker form and doesn’t need the form at all.

It makes sense: the Saiyans are meant to be a proud, war-like and arrogant race, full of piss and vinegar. But Cabba isn’t very proud or war-like–he’s just a nice kid who’s fighting to protect his universe. Like Gohan, he’s not built for the life of a warrior, and as such he has trouble keeping up with the rest of them. Still, we got a pretty nice underdog story this episode when Cabba managed to defeat Monna–something that’s often mishandled by Dragon Ball Super because Goku and Vegeta find power-ups as easily as kids find toys in cereal boxes, while everyone else sucks and has to get saved. It’s unfortunate then that Frieza notices Vegeta’s attachment to Cabba and immediately goes into his golden form and eliminates him with extreme prejudice.

3. Initially, Monna nearly eliminates Cabba when he takes her too lightly and she simply knocks him out of the arena while in her wrecking ball form. Fortunately, Vegeta saves him–which leads to a pretty adorable moment where Vegeta reminds Cabba that he promised to show him Universe 6’s planet of Saiyans eventually. When Cabba reminds him that after this there will only be a single universe left, so no matter who wins it’ll be impossible, Vegeta says simply that he’ll wish Universe 6 back with the Dragon Balls.

This scene establishes that at this point, Vegeta is the most likable and dynamic character in all of Universe 7 at the moment. Certainly, after saving Cabba he gives him a brutal knee to the gut, but he’s still taken a personal interest in the kid’s growth as a Saiyan–even though he’s no longer the prince in his universe, he still wants his fellow Saiyans to succeed as best they can. When’s the last time Goku took an interest in anyone getting better but himself? Even more ridiculous, is that somehow Vegeta is the first person to bring up the idea of wishing everyone back with the Super Dragon Balls. Not Goku, the supposed “ally to good”. Nope. Vegeta, the guy who started out saying he would blow up Earth and only wanted to have the Dragon Balls to become immortal.

Also, as we pare down the remaining fighters, more people are thinking of how they plan to use the wish from the Super Dragon Balls. Not long ago Goku said he’d probably wish to fight someone strong or give the wish away, now Vegeta is saying he’ll wish for Universe 6 to come back, and later this episode Frieza wishes to have the gods in his control. The last one’s impossible likely, but it’s introducing the idea that when this tournament is over, someone will have a wish to have granted. Hopefully whoever it is is benevolent enough to wish everyone back.

4. At the end of the episode, Caulifa saves Goku from the robots attacking him, and claims that most of her energy has returned thanks to Cabba, who took on Monna from Universe 4 so she wouldn’t have to. At the same time, Goku’s claiming that he’ll be able to recover his strength as the tournament goes on. Is this a thing? Since when did Saiyans have the ability to just recover stamina after only a few minutes of battling? There were episode summaries saying Goku would try to recover his strength while fighting, but I thought that was a side effect of Ultra Instinct. Now it seems more like all Saiyans can do it, and the only thing stopping people is being unable to rest long enough from being attacked. That’s going to make the rest of the tournament interesting, because Kale hasn’t fought in quite some time…

5. Next Episode: After saving Goku, Caulifa now wants to battle against him once more to test out their strengths. But unlike Monna, she asks for Kale’s help in the hope of taking him down! Goku promises to show them Super Saiyan 3, but will it be enough?

….Next episode narration aside, why is Goku trying to go Super Saiyan 3? It’s still the most energy draining form the Saiyans have, so isn’t that just wasting what little energy he might have gathered up? I get that none of them can go Super Saiyan Red or Blue, but if he’s trying to teach this is an absolutely awful way to go about it while still trying to win the tournament. Ugh, this is why watching him get beaten up is never all that sad.

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