Break Out Your GameCube Controllers For The Switch

by Christine Marie Attardo

Exciting news arrived for fans of Nintendo’s Switch with their new update! If you’re lucky enough to have gotten your hands on one at this point, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to go out and buy more controllers. Just pull out those old Game Cube controllers and you’re ready to go!

According to Gamespot:

Nintendo Switch’s system update 4.0 is the gift that keeps giving. Released on October 21, the update introduced a number of key new features, including video capture support, a transfer data function, and wireless headphone support. Now it has been discovered that the update also enables GameCube controllers to be used with the console/handheld hybrid.

Because I don’t own a Switch yet, this news I feel, is exciting. Now I know that when I do get one, I am already prepared for a full party! For people that have invested in a ton of extra Switch controllers, this might hit a sore spot for them. What do you think?

There’s a lot of speculation that this new update is a sign that we’ll be getting news of a Smash Bros. game for the Switch soon. All of my fingers and toes are crossed.