Nintendo Direct Announces A Mobile Animal Crossing Game

by Christine Marie Attardo

Fans of the ever-so-popular Animal Crossing franchise have been dying for a new game for quite some time. While the news that has arrived doesn’t replace the need for an Animal Crossing game on the Switch, we take what we can get. Introducing Animal Crossing: Pocket Campa mobile game! Now you’ll be able to take an RV on the go with you complete with your very own playable character who can interact with other players, too!

According to GameSpot:

There’ll be a real-time day/night cycle, and you’ll have the ability to visit shops run by the regular game cast to purchase new clothing and furniture to customize your personal space. And it wouldn’t be an Animal Crossing game without the ability to go into deep debt. Instead of Tom Nook, however, Pocket Camp has OK Motors, where you can purchase major upgrades that expand your RV’s interior and allow you to trick out your in-game camper.

As a fan of the games, I am excited for this new release. I worry about how tempting it will be to spend real money on upgrading things in-game, but hopefully the game provides enough opportunities to upgrade without doing so.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is set to release sometime in mid-November! Keep your eyes peeled for an official release date.