5 Point Discussions – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 30: “The Sharingan Vs. The Lightning Blade, Kiba The Fang”

by Sage Ashford

It’s the big three-oh for Boruto, but this series has a long way to go before it can match up to the 700 episodes it’s older brother has!  The battle between Boruto and company versus the Seven New Swordsman of the Mist continues!  Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, be sure to share this article on Facebook and Youtube, and if you have any questions or comments, be sure to let me know @SageShinigami!

1. I had to double check this because I wasn’t sure, and it turns out…yep, Boruto and the gang are in fact, still not even genin.  Power creep has settled into the Naruto universe, hard. It took Naruto over a dozen episodes to figure out stuff that Boruto’s basically done from episode one.  Meanwhile, Sarada…wow.

As the title oh-so-bluntly describes, this episode has Sarada go head to head with the user of the Lightning Kiba, Buntan Kurosuki. Buntan seems to be a few years older than Sarada, and definitely seems to be further along in her ninja training, boasting knowledge of several kinds of lightning-based jutsu during her fight with Sarada. And yet, Sarada manages to keep up with Buntan through constant, unrelenting usage of the Sharingan–ranging from copying Buntan’s jutsu (which from the looks of things would require an inordinate amount of chakra) to winning the fight by trapping Buntan in a complex genjutsu.

I didn’t finish Naruto, but I watched half of the anime and read about 500 of the 700 chapter epic, and I distinctly remember the Sharingan boasting far steeper costs for new users than it did for Sarada in this. Though Kakashi wasn’t a true Uchiha he had his for quite some time and after years of training still used up so much chakra fighting Zabuza he was left paralyzed for days, while Sarada just kind of shrugs it off because “they’ve got to get back in time for roll call!”

Having said that, even back then Kakashi said there were ninja in the world that were younger, but stronger than he was. So maybe this is just what it looks like when you’re walking in this world of elite children who are the daughters and sons of legendary ninja. The real question is what this series looks like if it survives another hundred episodes? Are we in for the ninja version of Dragon Ball Z?

2. I’m not sure what’s worse here…that these “New Seven Swordsman” are so trash they couldn’t beat a Mizukage after they’ve ganged up on him three on one and got him tied up with razor wire…or that the Mizukage was so garbage he let it happen to him in the first place. Last I checked, Kage weren’t the kind of ninja who could be captured by a bunch of kids who were barely out of training and didn’t really have a concept of what real war looked like. There’s not a single Hokage from the Hidden Leaf that couldn’t have laid this whole group of idiots.

I thought about it and perhaps Chojuro wasn’t really chosen for his power. Maybe it’s his diplomacy skills, necessary to maintain peace in the era following the second great ninja war, and outside of that he’s just an above-average shinobi?  It’s just a thought. Having said that, despite not having any of the “Seven Great Swords”, he still proceeds to easily lay out all three opponents, as all they all lack experience both in battle and with their newfound weapons.  The last guy, massive bruiser Kyohou Fuefuki, doesn’t even try fighting because he’s terrified at the Sixth Mizukage’s abilities.

And yeah, I know that Chojuro was probably taking it easy on these guys so he didn’t murder them, but that could have been done a lot more gracefully than this; this fight was plotted the way it was just to keep the tension up.

3. The most infuriating part of this episode is after Sarada wins her battle with Buntan, where she proclaims “No matter how bad they might treat you, there isn’t a parent alive that doesn’t love their child.” For whatever reason, Japan loves sappy messages like this even though they’re not only demonstrably untrue, but also overly sappy nonsense that’s dangerous if proliferated.  Sometimes parents don’t like their children–Buntan’s mother seemed disgusted with the idea of her daughter, as she reminded her of Buntan’s father, a ninja who loved battle more than his own family. It’s cruel and insensitive to suggest that amends can always be made between family merely because of blood ties.

4. Help is on the Way…but Incredibly Slow: For whatever reason, Mitsuki is still in transit this episode.  Chojuro takes down three of the New Seven Swordsman on his own, while Sarada knocks out a fourth. Then out of nowhere Iwabe pops up to do battle with the owner of the explosive Shibuki weapon, Ichirota, and with seemingly no trouble he goes down too. I want to say this is another example of power creep, but realistically I never bought these “New Seven Swordsmen” as anything but scrubs–up till now their most impressive feat was beating the defenseless wood robots guarding the weapons.

So now there’s basically only two members of the New Seven Swordsman of the Mist, Kagura and Shizuma. There’s every chance that they’re more powerful than the other five put together, but this still feels like Mitsuki won’t really be necessary once Chojuro, Boruto, and Iwabe team up. I guess it’s to talk them into putting their weapons down. Speaking of…

5. Next Episode: Tension mounts up as Boruto tries to convince Kagura to stop fighting. But can he really rebel against the curse of his own blood?

Honestly, the preview feels more like we’re walking in the same sort of circles. Kagura’s not really even trying to resist his darker impulses at this point, and it feels like Chojuro’s instincts as Mizukage were kind of right in that they should’ve just struck him down, but I’m sure they’ll manage to forgive the guy anyway since he’s even in the OP.

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