The True Believers Line Of Phoenix Comics Will School You In Jean Grey’s History

by Hannah Means Shannon

With Jean Grey returning to Marvel Comics, the publisher is going to be releasing a line of “Phoenix classics” in the form of specially priced “True Believers” issues in comic shops.

The publisher is suggesting a retail price of only $1 for these reprints, including Phoenix Bizarre Adventures #27, which will be available to fans in color for the first time.

Here’s a complete listing of those comic issues arriving in December:

·         True Believers Phoenix Featuring Cyclops & Marvel Girl Reprinting X-Men (1963) #48

·         True Believers Enter The Phoenix Reprinting X-Men (1963) #101

·         True Believers Phoenix Returns Reprinting Fantastic Four (1961) #286

·         True Believers Phoenix Classic Reprinting Material From Classic X-Men #13 & #18

·         True Believers Phoenix Bizarre Adventures, First Time In Color, Reprinting Bizarre Adventures #27

·         True Believers Phoenix Vs Sabretooth Reprinting X-Men (1991) #28

·         True Believers Phoenix Wedding Reprinting X-Men (1991) #30

·         True Believers Phoenix What If Reprinting What If? (1977) #27

·         True Believers Death Of Phoenix Reprinting New X-Men (2001) #150

·         True Believers Phoenix Origins Reprinting X-Men Origins: Jean Grey #1

And here are the covers you’ll see in shops: