It’s Never Too Early For Geek Ugly Holiday Sweaters…

by Hannah Means Shannon

You may disagree with the headline, since Christmas products and advertizing seem to creep in earlier and earlier each year. But this year, I find myself on the other side of the argument and overly ready to start the holiday season, even though Thanksgiving is still on the horizon.

If you’re like me, the holiday catalog from Box Lunch that arrived in the snail mail this week probably had you poring over gift ideas. But those Ugly Holiday Sweaters are really impressive in their sheer line-up and specificity.

This year, Box Lunch has Stranger Things, PlayStation, Rick & Morty, and BB8 as their headlining sweaters, and Bob’s Burgers, X-Men, Zelda, Pikachu, and Lilo & Stitch coming in a close second.

I’ve been able to find most of the sweaters on their website after seeing them in the print catalog, and maybe you can, too. There are also brick and mortar Box Lunch shops, if you happen to live close enough to one to swing by.

Here’s a look at those ugly, great, geek sweaters:


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