Stein And Jax Experience The Hold Switcheroo In Next Week’s Legends Of Tomorrow

by Erik Amaya


As Stein and Jax get closer to perfecting a way to break their Firestorm bond, things go a little freaky. And as this preview of next week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow reveals, the pair will experience the old switcheroo: swapping bodies and facing the fallout.

Much like the amnesia trope, body swapping is a hallmark of genre shows. I’m going to assume it’s happened to Sam and Dean several times on Supernatural and expect to see it happen on Supergirl at some point. But Jax and Stein make for a interesting Vice Versa pair considering their existing bond. Also, Legends loves tipping its hat to its influences, so one imagines more body swap movies besides Freaky Friday will get referenced.

And then there’s the lovely visual of Victor Garber in the Firestorm costume for the first time.

I’m glad the producers of the series managed to make that happen before Garber leaves the show as a series regular. But it also makes me wonder if they’ll bother to introduce a new partner for Jax or leave him as a solo Firestorm. Both have their advantages.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays on The CW.

Erik Amaya

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