5 Point Discussions – Blood Blockade Battlefront And Beyond Episode 6: “Get The Lock Out!”

by Sage Ashford

The team find themselves locked out of their own HQ, just as they’re about to close in on an operation of terrorists trying to destroy the city!  Can they make it back in time?  Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please be sure to share it when you can.  And if you have any questions or comments, hit me up on Twitter @SageShinigami.

1. After nearly twenty episodes of this series, at what point do the good folk in Libra not realize that Zapp doesn’t take anyone’s well-being very seriously except his own, and stop pairing up the simultaneously weakest and most important member of the group with this screwball?

This week, Zapp and Leo are infiltrating some group’s hideout, only to panic when they realize that although they brought Leo along, none of the group they’re hunting have eyes. Since for Zapp panicking means “try something reckless”, he just roundhouse kicks Leo into the monsters to lead off his attack. We’re not sure what exactly happens with the monster group (they’re probably dead, though), but it lands Leo directly into the hospital. Mind you, he’s literally the only way this group can deal with a giant army of unstoppable vampires, so we’re playing a little fast and loose with the safety of the town here.

2. While Leo’s resting up in a hospital from Zapp-caused wounds, we get to meet up with Dupe Doc herself, Dr. Estevez, again. While Leo’s there, there’s some small discussion about how society has changed medically, and while they really only scratch the surface by talking about how since the other realm merged with ours, things that were once impossible have become possible, it’s a good set-up for whatever ridiculous medical fixes could come down the line later. Chekhov’s Hospital, if you would.

We also discover Leo’s reason for coming to Hellsalem’s Lot in the first place. Until recently, we’d been under the impression that Leo was doing it for money, but that never made much sense: there are countless cities he could’ve traveled to if money was the only thing that mattered to him, and all of them would’ve been exponentially safer for a guy with no offensive powers to make his way through. Nah, from the very beginning Leo came here–the most impossible city in the world–to learn how to restore his sister’s eyesight. Unfortunately, when he speaks to someone who’s done the research, they point out that his “All-Seeing” powers were derived from a divine-level being and trying to negate that for his sister would probably result in a breach of contract.

This is still one of the bigger mysteries in the show however, as even delving into Leo’s past brings us back around to the same question: how did the Watch siblings run across this “divine being” in the first place? They talk about a contract, but it seems more like the guy just popped up and stuck them with a deal they never asked for–there’s got to be more to it than that, right? You’d hope, at least–because otherwise Leo’s got some of the worst luck I’ve ever heard of.

3. The biggest threat this week is supposed to be a group of terrorists, but their problems grow after they briefly leave their building only to find themselves locked out by a sentient insect swarm that rapidly evolves to become equal in intelligence to humans in a matter of minutes. Eager to continue its ascension, the bug tries to hide inside of Libra HQ until it’s evolved to godlike levels, which turns out to be quite easy when you’ve got tricked-out security like Libra’s. Apparently just the first level of security involves dislocating the inside of the building from the outside doors, making everyone who attempts to get in wind up accessing a completely different location inside of Hellsalem’s Lot.  Even being locked out of your house is a different kind of deal in the BBB world, as the group summons a Ghostbuster just to get back in:

You gotta wonder just how much safety like that costs.

4. Considering anime is the king of having hastily slapped together, ragtag groups of people that shouldn’t even be able to execute a trip to Wal-Mart successfully become the cure to the world’s ills, it’s nice to see a group of professionals at work.  Yeah Zapp’s kind of an idiot, but he’s there for comic relief and even then is still is incredibly competent in battle, and the rest of the team is always on point.

Nightow knows to challenge the team with incredible odds; from having their HQ placed in a different part of reality, to a giant monster that caused earthquakes throughout the city when it touched the ground after being summoned from the beyond, but that’s so it looks like they have to actually work to achieve their goals. There’s still the same kind of tension you’d expect from a dramatic series, but without the sense that the heroes are idiots or too weak to even get the job done.

5. Next Episode:  We’re back to character-focused episodes, with a look at the other Big Dipper blood fighter, the Merman Zed O’Brien!  We’ve seen very little about Zed since he joined the team, so hopefully this is as eye opening a story for him as the ones for Chain and Gilbert were for them.

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