Crisis On Earth-X “Weapon” Trailer Highlights Evil Kara

by Erik Amaya


In lieu of a traditional Supergirl preview, The CW released another “Crisis on Earth-X” trailer focusing on Kara’s evil doppelganger from the Earth where the Nazis won.

That idea, sadly, is still a potent dream to some.

But Earth-X Kara isn’t the only weapon in the arsenal of the Reich. The alternate Earth is teeming with indoctrinated doppelgangers like a Dark Arrow, a Reverse-Flash and others. But there are also brave fighters like The Ray, Citizen Cold and Uncle Sam. At least, I’m assuming Uncle Sam is part of the battle on Earth-X.

While it’s all pretty exciting, it also means the ongoing story lines on Supergirl will hit pause for a week. Which might be the toughest part of all now that Mon-El is back with at least one Legionnaire at this side; his wife and partner Imra Ardeen. A revelation which had an old Legion fan like me taken aback. Once he told Kara the truth, my first thought was “What about Shady?” The OTPs of Legion of Superheroes are important things, y’know? It’s Imra and Garth, Mon-El and Shady, and Chuck and Luornu. I hope this change to canon does not effect the other OTP in hypersleep aboard Mon-El’s ship.

The crossover also means we’ll have to wait on the most potent of stories: Sam learning how to be a World Killer. I guess she’ll spend the crossover time in the Fortress of Sanctuary, maybe on a cosmic journey similar to Clark’s in the original Superman.

Supergirl airs Mondays on The CW.

Erik Amaya

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