CW Superhero Shows To Air Mid-Season Finales Starting December 4th

by Erik Amaya


The CW has announced the superhero shows aired on the network will go on hiatus in the second week of December. But fear not as you will get a set of mid-seasons finale starting December 4th.

What surprises will be in store for the shows after their crossover event next week remains to be seen. Perhaps Mallus will reveal himself to the Legends. Perhaps Ollie will be forced to become something else once again on Arrow — in fact, is it too cheesy for his son to get kidnapped by the Cayden James cabal? The Thinker could begin his all out assault on The Flash or, perhaps, just reveal his true intentions to the viewers at home. Over on Supergirl, Kara will have to face the twin calamities of Reign and the Legion of Superheroes. Okay, the later isn’t really a calamity. But the situation between Mon-El and Imra will read like one to Kara.

Meanwhile, Riverdale fans will be happy to learn its mid-season finale will air on December 13th; making up for its one-week break this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. One can only hope that finale will unmask the Black Hood.

As previously reported, the shows will return in January with Black Lightning taking Legends of Tomorrow‘s Tuesday night timeslot. Legends‘ hiatus will last until February, when it lands on a new day and time.

And if you’re interested in CW shows like Valor and Jane The Virgin, the network released a handy grid detailing its December finale schedule:

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