Stock Up On Sims Expansions And More During Origin’s 75% Sale

by Christine Marie Attardo

Are you a fan of EA’s The Sims? Have you indulged in the detail-oriented Sims 4 yet? Yes, I’d have to agree with most people who think of The Sims franchise as a money sucking video game. However, some people think it’s worth it. Guess what? I’m one of them. I recently dove into the fun with Sims 4 and found that the base game was tons of fun.

Of course, then the temptation to buy the expansions kicks in and you’re in trouble. In fact, I just purchased Sims 4: Cats and Dogs. While I’m still making up my mind on how I feel about the expansion overall, I do think it’s important that fans of the franchise check out Origin’s current sale that’s going on.

The base set of Sims 4 is only $9.99 and many of the expansions are reduced to $14.99. Unfortunately, this doesn’t include Sims 4: Cats and Dogs, with its release only being a few weeks ago, but there’s still tons of fun to be had. For example, I’m fighting every urge to purchase all three of these…

Not a fan of the Sims? No worries. Origin also produces games such as Mass Effect and Battlefield. Take a look at the full sale here and stock up for the holidays!

We all need to spend our vacation time unwinding with some good video games, am I right?

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