5 Point Discussions: Dragon Ball Super Episode 117

by Sage Ashford

The Androids protect an exhausted Goku from the remaining warriors of Universe 2! But can this brother-sister duo overcome the power of Universe 2’s endless love? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. Ugh, the disrespect of this guy Vegeta. After seeing Goku nearly match up against Jiren, and defeat the absurdly powerful Kefla by using the power of Ultra Instinct, he decides he’ll try and learn the ability himself. Because anything Kakarot can do, so can he…y’know, so long as it’s not going Super Saiyan 3. So he picks out what I assume is one of the weakest fighters still remaining and decides to try it, letting poor Katopesla beat on him while he tries to let his body react without first being pushed to do so by his mind. But Vegeta’s trying to take the easy way out, so after a few seconds of it not working at all, he gets bored and punches Katopesla’s lights out.

Since his initial arrival, Katopesla’s been nothing more than a joke of a character, and that’s kinda sad given he’s clearly a parody of one of Japan’s most popular superheroes. Still though, I like that Vegeta is already attempting to attain Ultra Instinct–hopefully he’ll learn it a bit quicker than it took him to catch up to Goku last time, though am I the only one that thinks the only reason he’s not taking to it is because unlike Goku, he’s NOT an idiot and emptying his brain is a lot more difficult for him?

2. Watching this episode made me realize that the vast majority of my problem with Dragon Ball Z is the series’ ridiculous obsession with Goku. Yeah, I get that he’s the main character, but in most other series, non-protagonist characters get plenty of shine. Yeah, eventually Naruto and Ichigo were always the one to accomplish the impossible task of taking out the main villain, but in between all that, all their friends and allies got to put in plenty of work. And any time Super allows non-Goku characters to do the same, I’m always pretty hyped. That’s why seeing the brother-sister duo of Androids 17 and 18 this week put a smile on my face.

Android 17 has come so far since the days of the Android Saga, when he was just some jerk teenager beating up people for their cars and essentially playing GTA in real life. Free from the shadow of Dr. Gero’s abuse, he’s actually turned into a fairly decent person, protecting an island full of endangered animals from poachers and taking care of his wife and kids. When he first showed back up, I wasn’t sure if I bought his change in personality, but over the tournament I’ve become more convinced, especially seeing him look out for his twin sis like this. That’s a big part of why I’m so tired of seeing Goku: everyone else experiences character development more often and more believably than him.

3. This episode sees the Ace of Universe 2, Brianne de Chateau, take her time in this spotlight once again and its actually kind of unfortunate. Up until now, Ribrianne was something of a statement on unconventional beauty, as she carried herself with pride and boasted of how she wanted to carry love to the stars. Annoying, as she was only ever talking about love, it was still something admirable she believed in–which is something most of Universe 7 lacks completely. And then we get to this episode, and it’s revealed that on the inside she’s pretty hideous, actually having the nerve to disparage Android 18’s relationship with her husband because she thinks Krillin is ugly. You’d think someone from a universe claiming to be solely about love would understand it’s ability to transcend all boundaries, but instead she considers herself its arbiter, and you realize she’s only ever been talking about the shallow kind of love that’s shared between an idol and their fanbase.

Ultimately, this is why both Ribrianne and her Rozie are so easily dealt with: they come up against the real love shared between a brother and sister, and the love a woman has for her family, and they simply can’t compete.

4. Android 18 is Top 3 DBZ character of all time, don’t @ me. Unlike the rest of the muscle-headed idiots that this show focuses on, 18 has never fought without a reason. From the moment they woke her up, she really only cared about shopping and having fun after finally being free of Gero, and only fought Z Fighters because they challenged her first. By the end of Z ,she only participates in the Budokai Tenkaichi tournament because there’s prize money she can use to take care of her family. She doesn’t suffer from an insane need to constantly challenge her own strength, but she’s also not slacking off like Chi Chi which is why she was able to join up and be such a crucially important member of the team.

Arguably, there’s not a member remaining on Team 7 that’s more dangerous than her for this quote alone. Even Frieza is wasting far too much time torturing random people he finds and idly watching the Saiyans he supposedly hates so much instead of just picking off all the weaklings. Android 18 on the other hand is fighting to the best of her considerable abilities, and draws on her power as a mother and housewife, and total badass android, to knock a super-charged, giant Ribrianne right out of the arena in like, three punches.

5. Next Episode: So, if my count is correct there’s only 25 people left in this tournament: three from Universe 2, seven from universe 3, three from Universe 4, two from Universe 6, seven from universe 7, and three from universe 11. And judging from this preview at least one of the remaining universes is about to get wiped out–possibly two, given Universe 6 and Universe 2 have both lost all their heavy hitters. Every time a universe gets eliminated all the ones remaining grow more serious, so what happens when two go down at the same time? Maybe next week we’ll find out. There are fifteen minutes (and sixteen episodes) left until the end of the tournament.

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