Oats Studios Will Make You Soil Yourself

by Tito W. James

Oats Studios was founded by Neill Blomkamp, the director behind District 9 and serves as a creative playground for visual and practical effects artists. Oats Studios release short films via Steam and YouTube–each featuring a unique and often disturbing visual effect.

SciFi movie veteran Sigourney Weaver leads a group of humans against an alien invasion.

A woman tries to escape a mad science facility while evading a nightmarish mutant.

With echos of Predator, soldiers fighting in Vietnam encounter a violent, powerful deity.

God plays with his favorite toy–humanity.

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Tito W. James

Tito W. James writes action adventure comics for all ages that juxtapose creepy content with beautiful imagery. He is the mastermind behind CROSSBONE JONES and GANGSTERS VS GATORS. Tito’s goal is to create comics that capture the bombastic fun of old comics with the emotional resonance of new ones. ​