Brandon Graham’s Multiple Warheads Concludes In A February One-Shot

by Hannah Means Shannon

Image Comics has announced that Brandon Graham’s trippy sci-fi series Multiple Warheads is going to be concluding with a one-shot “Ghost Throne” in February. The cartoonist is also the editor and contributor to the indie comics anthology Island, where Multiple Warheads was originally serialized.

In “Ghost Throne” we’ll find that our characters “finally make good on their wizard heist plans”.

Graham explains:

I started drawing these characters and the world they live in 2001, letting the story go wherever felt like the most fun. It’s been interesting to try to pull the threads of it into an ending, getting this meandering vacation of a comic to a fantasy heist culmination—while still letting myself get sidetracked by fun new ideas that I stumble into along the way.

Here’s an early preview of “Ghost Throne” courtesy of Image:

Multiple Warheads: Ghost Throne (Diamond code: DEC170617) hits comic book stores Wednesday, February 21st. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, January 29th.