Rashida Jones And Kerry Washington Team Up To Produce Goldie Vance For Fox

by Erik Amaya


Goldie Vance may soon be investigating the creation of her own feature film.

Deadline reports that Rashida Jones and Kerry Washington will produce a feature film adaptation of the BOOM! Studios comic book for 20th Century Fox.

Created by Hope Larson and Brittney Williams, Goldie Vance centers on an inquisitive valet at a Miami area hotel managed by her father. Her real ambition is to be come the hotel’s in-house detective, but she also enjoys racing cars, matchmaking, and the attention of nearby record shop employee Diane. She also gets into trouble investigating seemingly minor thefts which often turn out to have international implications. It’s a next-level Nancy Drew or Veronica Mars with a vibrant 1960s backdrop. Well, one that has a far rosier outlook on mixed-race people and homosexual relationships.

According to the report, Fox sees Goldie Vance as a potential family film franchise. Which at once makes you wonder about the setting and Diane’s role in the feature. If the film is based on the first storyline, there is a “plausible deniability” to Goldie and Diane’s relationship, but subsequent stories make it quite clear that they’re sweet on each other. That said, Jones — as director and writer of the film — and Washington, via their respective production companies, may figure out a way to keep some of the more nontraditional elements in tact, even if Fox tries to make the adaptation more “family friendly.”

Meanwhile, go read Goldie Vance if you haven’t done so, it’s quite good.

Erik Amaya

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