Teen Angst, Tragedy, And Telekinesis – I Am Not Ok With This By Chuck Forsman

by Hannah Means Shannon

This month sees the release of Charles “Chuck” Forsman’s new graphic novel, I Am Not Ok With This, from Fantagraphics.

Forsman’s book blends the typical aspects of teen life with deeper angst from 15 year old freshman Sydney. There are the layers of internal struggle and family tragedy below the surface, and then just to throw extra weirdness into the mix, she also displays telekinetic powers she’s not sharing with anyone else.

Forsman’s also the creator of graphic novels Celebrated Summer and The End of the Fucking World (recently adapted into a TV show on the UK’s Channel 4 and soon to be streaming stateside on Netflix), as well as the single issue series Slasher.

I Am Not Okay with This collects all of Forsman’s self-published minicomic series into one volume and is sure to push the boundaries of comics once more. A man of many styles, Forsman has chosen to craft his new work with line art that evokes classic comic strips and belies the seriousness and heaviness of some of the subject matter. And it also isn’t a style you’d associate with super powers, creating further interesting contrasts.

Here’s a look at what you’ll find in the new graphic novel:

There are also some upcoming events on the West Coast tied to the release of the book:

December 6th – San Francisco –  Comix Experience
December 7th – Portland –  Floating World Comics
December 9th – Seattle –  Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery

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