5 Point Discussions – Dragon Ball Super Episode 118

by Sage Ashford

As the tournament gets closer and closer to its end, which universes will survive the battle heating up once more? And how much longer can the battered Universe 7 hold on? Fair warning: I’m really positive about this episode, so if you’re still expecting a Super hate-train this week expect to be disappointed. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. We got a little fanfic-ish this week with the battle of the Nameks versus Piccolo and Gohan, as we learned Saonel and Pirina attained their incredible powers by absorbing what looks to be dozens of Namekians. In fairness, it’s not the worst idea anyone’s ever come up with before–if Piccolo can just power up by absorbing a few people, why wouldn’t he do that to catch back up with everyone else? Of course his pride as a warrior (and the weirdness of having so many people in his head) has stopped that so far, but with all of the universes facing extinction, it makes sense that the Namekians of Universe 6 aren’t as prideful, and are more willing to sacrifice themselves in order to at least live on in some state instead of simply being eliminated.

My theory was that Piccolo would absorb the two of them and Universe 6 would get to stay on as long as Universe 7 could survive (especially since 7 will need a twin when this is over), but unfortunately that wasn’t to be this time.

2. Unlike nearly every other team that’s attending the tournament, Universe 2’s faith in their warriors was so great they chose to display the entire tournament to their universe, allowing them to watch and cheer on the champions fighting for their continued survival. Though most other universes would doubtlessly have descended into riots and madness, the people of Universe 2 believed so strongly that they cheered their champions on to the very end, even granting the final three warriors the ability to transform thanks to their belief in the power of love. My only problem with this is that the outfits were exactly the same as Ribrianne, Kakunsa, and Rozie, but when everything else was so flawless it’s hard to get mad. By the end even Androids 17 and 18 played along with the overly formal style of introduction, playing the cocky villains to Universe 2’s battered heroes in one of the most legitimately funny scenes I’ve enjoyed in this series in quite some time.

3. After twenty years in real life and over a decade in-universe, Gohan has finally grown enough as a warrior to pay Piccolo back for his sacrifice when they fought Nappa. We joke about Piccolo being Gohan’s REAL dad, but I think Super has taken it to heart, as the two of them have been inseparable from the very moment the tournament began, taking on several opponents together that they probably couldn’t have beaten alone. And although Piccolo should’ve figured the Special Beam Cannon out by now so that he doesn’t have to keep misfiring it, in a tournament that’s been stuffed to the brim with callbacks I’m not mad at them for sneaking a pair in from the original Saiyan Saga like this.

4. One of the things I don’t ever want you to think about me as a recapper/reviewer/whatever the hell it is I’m doing here, is that I take so much pleasure in trashing an anime that I find to be bad, that I won’t even give proper respect to that series when it exceeds my wildest expectations. So having said that: This is a GOOD episode of Dragon Ball Super. The swan song of Universes 2 and 6, they pull no punches here and everything is on point, from some of the most crisp animation I’ve ever seen this show offer, to the music that enhances all the emotional beats they have to convey this episode.

I complained last week about leaving the scrubs of both universes until the end, but I didn’t understand that that was the entire point. Watching them struggle against this impossible wall that was Universe 7 was inspiring and heart-breaking all at once, and at the end seeing the champions of Universe 2 lose and become erased not just with dignity, but with beauty changed my entire mind on them, while the ties Universe 6 had with its sister universe has left us with an emotionally wrecked Vegeta, and I can’t wait for them to follow up on that.

This might very well be the best episode Dragon Ball Super’s had since it’s very inception, and if they could manage something on this level every episode, they’d wrest back that King of Shonen crown from One Piece and My Hero Academia with ease.

5. Next Episode: There’s rumors that someone will be eliminated from the team with this upcoming episode, so….look. As much as I’m loving this episode, if Vegeta is the next character to go I might have to give Super up. Just once can his righteous anger actually accomplish something for the team?

As the tournament barrels towards its end, there are only thirteen minutes remaining. With Universes 2 and 6 eliminated, there are now four universes left: Universe 3 with 7 fighters, Universe 4 with three fighters, Universe 7 with seven fighters, and Universe 11 with three fighters. That’s twenty warriors remaining, with Universe 7 fighting at a major advantage currently, so seeing someone eliminated from the team at this point is doubtless necessary for the stakes to remain high…just, let it be someone else, y’know? Frieza at this point is literally standing around doing nothing. He can do that from the bench.

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