The Trial Of Barry Allen Kicks Off The Flash In The New Year

by Erik Amaya


While DeVoe’s “enlightenment” is the next step in his plan, Barry Allen may not be there to confront it as 2018 will see him on trial for DeVoe’s murder. Or, at least, that’s what the following preview of the next episode indicates.

Parts of this story feel familiar. Barry on trial for a murder. A master plan concocted by a formidable foe. It’s another echo of the Crisis, isn’t?

At the end of Barry’s original run in the comics, he goes on trial for the murder of the Reverse-Flash, who previously murdered Iris and planned to murder Barry’s new fiancee, Fiona Webb. Barry is eventually found guilty despite someone running around Central City dressed as the Reverse-Flash — or Professor Zoom as he was known in those days. Eventually escaping from prison, Barry fled the 20th Century entirely and reunited with Iris, who had been living 1000 years in the future for some time (the 30th Century was locus for things like this). They were finally able to find some happiness together until the Crisis on Infinite Earths erupted across the Multiverse and all of time and Barry made the ultimate sacrifice.

Well, at least until he magically returned to ignite the New 52, but that’s another story entirely.

Which isn’t to say that this is where the current story line will go. We’re still 6 or 7 years from the “red skies” referenced in Iris’s future article. But it is interesting to consider how much of Barry’s final story has already permeated the show.

Meanwhile, the winter hiatus leaves us with plenty of time to consider what DeVoe’s enlightenment really is.

The Flash returns January 16th on The CW.

Erik Amaya

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