Darkly Erotic ‘There’s Nothing There’ Gets A Collection From Black Mask

by Hannah Means Shannon

Black Mask Studios will be releasing the trade edition of their dark fantasy story There’s Nothing There next Wednesday in comic shops, written by Patrick Kindlon, and illustrated by Maria Llovet.

It tells the story of a “celebrity-socialite” caught in an extravagant social scene that soon morphs into an “Eyes Wide Shut” kind of party scene that has much darker underpinnings. Occult rituals set in, and soon she can see apparitions that trail her encouraging her to get out while she still can.

Described as a “stylish & hallucinatory thriller”, the story does plumb the depths of personality and remind you that there are limits to every height humans might want to scale.

Black Mask have released a massive preview of this volume,  but we can only present some of it due to the extent of its erotic content! You’ll have to pick up the trade to venture further into this edgy world:

     There’s Nothing There Vol. 1 arrives in comic shops next Wednesday, December 13th, 2017.

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